Cosy homes for the ultimate Winter escape in Lancelin

As the weather gets cooler, you may be inclined to avoid the beach… BUT heading north, escaping the cold and visiting Lano in Winter is just as good (perhaps even better…) than in the warmer months.

First up, you’ll beat the crowds, meaning you’ll be greeted with a far more relaxed atmosphere… hello, soaring down sand dunes without fear of bumping into anyone and fishers, you get to fish in total serenity!

But the best part is that as the Winter season rolls, so do some of the best picturesque sunsets. Perfect for rugging up with fish and chips and admiring the view from your balcony or from the pub beer garden. 

Actually. We take it back. The best part about staying in Lano in winter has to be our expansive range of cosy homes with amenities that make for the ultimate winter escape.

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Self-contained homes in Lancelin’s south end of town

Here at Lancelin Beach Breaks, we pride ourselves on our expansive range of homes spread across our beautiful coastal town. Whether you wish to stay in the northern end of Lancelin near Endeavour Tavern and The Lookout, or you prefer the serenity of the southern end of town, ideally located right next to Lancelin’s stunning Back Beach – we have a home to accommodate your needs. 

For those opting for an escape to the stillness of the south end, we’ve made it easy and compiled a list. Take a peek at our southern most homes below: 

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The Top Family-Friendly Things to do in Lancelin 

Family is a massive value of ours. We love when families choose to stay with us for their family holidays, which is why we’ve ensured that we have an array of homes perfect for families of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple 2×1 or a home that can sleep up to 20 people (for you and another family to share!), we’ve got you covered. 

Most importantly, we understand that some of the fondest memories as a child are spending time on family holidays. So, here our top memory-making activities for when you’re next in Lano:  

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The Rodeo Drive of Lancelin – a.k.a Gingin Rd

In case you’re not already acquainted with Rodeo Drive, it is one of the world’s most exclusive luxury destinations located in Beverly Hills, California.

While we understood that Lano is no Beverly Hills, the long stretch of Gingin Rd is the hotspot of our coastal town and marks many of our most luxurious homes. Overlooking expansive ocean views, parks, and only walking distance to the pub and Endeavour Tavern, it’s no wonder we label it the Rodeo Drive of Lano!

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Travelling to Lancelin on a budget? We have homes under $200 per night

Here at LBB, we understand that holidays can round up to be quite pricey – every night you stay begins to add up, and not to mention the cost of travel, food, activities and the like. 

It’s why we’ve ensured that we have budget-friendly, self-contained homes that take away the stress of worrying about accommodation. Better still, the homes are unique in style and are in prime locations making them ideal for a relaxing holiday in our coastal town. 

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