5 benefits of choosing a self-contained holiday home

Here at Lancelin Beach Breaks, most of our homes are just a short walk to the beach, playgrounds, eateries, pubs and shops. Sound like the coastal holiday of dreams? Well, it gets better… Our self-contained holiday accommodation is an ideal choice if you’re wanting to enjoy the comforts of a home but in a beach-side location.

When it comes to self-contained homes, the benefits are in abundance. We’ve compiled the top 5 for you below:

  1. You have your own home away from home, just for you and whoever you may be holidaying with.

One of the top benefits of choosing a self-contained holiday home is that you have your own space. This includes your OWN spacious living area, dining area, your own bathroom with shower… and instead of being squashed into a single hotel room, each guest will be able to enjoy the comforts of multiple rooms. For parents, this means that you can enjoy some downtime while the kids are asleep or playing outside in the backyard… luxury! 

Added plus, most homes have a laundry or their own washing machine so, you can keep on top of washing while way – because let’s be honest, who loves getting home from a trip away and doing endless loads of dirty washing? Not us. Further, it also means you don’t have to pack as much as it can be washed and re-worn. 

2. Privacy

Spending time with friends and family is precious, which means when you’re holidaying together, you want the comfort of privacy. With self-contained holiday homes, there’s no need to fear the dilemma of having other people want to use the same area or facilities as you. Why? Because you have the privacy of a home, with your very own facilities to enjoy. 

Board games in the living room? Cricket in the backyard? BBQ in the outdoor alfresco? No sharing required! 

3. A multi-room self-contained home can accomodate group bookings, and at a lower cost!

If you’re thinking about booking a trip away with the cousins or with another family, you may want (actually you definitely should!) consider booking self-contained holiday accommodation.  Not only can more guests be accommodated in the one living space, but it’s MUCH more cost effective for each family to share the cost of a  whole house rather than paying for separate rooms / accommodation. 

At LBB, there are 5-bedroom homes that can sleep up to 20 people and 4-bedroom homes that can sleep 8-12 people. Plus, as a kid, who didn’t love a 3- or 4-day sleepover with their friends or cousins?

4. The ability to cook and prepare your own meals in your own fully equipped kitchen.

When you have fussy-eaters, or have special dietary requirements, being able to prepare your own meals can be a lifesaver and a cost-saver!

Holidaying in a self-contained home means you can do your own shopping and stock food in the fridge throughout your stay. Additionally, many of our homes also have their own BBQ and outdoor seating area so, you can save money on dining out and enjoy alfresco dining from your very own home. It also means that the kids can run amuck in the backyard, while you sit back and indulge in a glass of wine! 

5. Every home is unique in style and furnishings — experience a different home each stay.

Lastly, one final perk of our self-contained accommodation is that every home is unique in style and furnishings. You can stay in the same home each time or you can mix it up! 

Whether it be a pool table, ocean views, a swimming pool, a wood-fired oven or an enclosed backyard, there’s added benefits in many of our homes. Why not stay in a home with ocean views this time and choose a home with a swimming pool next time? The choices are endless.