Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Lancelin and Surrounds  

When you think of Lancelin, your mind probably thinks of pristine beaches, rolling sand dunes, and water sports galore – but, beneath this familiar exterior lies a world of lesser-known treasures waiting to be discovered. 

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of Lancelin and surrounds, taking you on an off-the-beaten-path adventure…

The Pinnacles Desert

While the Pinnacles Desert might not be Lancelin’s best-kept secret, it certainly deserves a spot on our hidden gems list. Just a short drive away (approx. 45 minutes), this natural wonder is dotted with limestone formations, creating a one-of-a-kind landscape. For a truly unique experience, consider a night tour – the Pinnacles’ remote location makes for excellent stargazing, adding another layer of wonder to your visit! 

Lancelin Island 

Accessible by boat, kayak or paddleboard, Lancelin Island is a serene escape from the mainland bustle. With its tranquil beaches, crystal-clear waters and diverse birdlife, this island offers a quiet paradise for those seeking solitude and natural beauty. In the summer, when the tides are low and wind is mild, you may even brave the waters and swim across! 

Lake Thetis 

Step back in time at Lake Thetis, home to fossils known as stromatolites. These ancient structures offer a glimpse into Earth’s early history and are a unique sight you won’t find elsewhere. Hidden within the structures are communities of diverse inhabitants of micro-organisms.

Lake Thetis is accessible to view 1.3km down Hansen Bay Road, on the way out of Cervantes. You will find a viewing platform and a walkway around the Lake. 

Kangaroo Point 

For stunning coastal vistas, make your way to Kangaroo Point Lookout. The short climb rewards you with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Better yet, after building up a sweat, you can head down after and take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters! Just a short drive away from the Pinnacles, why not kill two birds with one stone and make a day of it? 

Unveil Lancelin’s hidden gems by venturing beyond the ordinary. These lesser-known locations offer a different perspective, showcasing the diversity and beauty that make WA’s Coral Coast a true gem. 

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