What life looks like when we manage your Lancelin holiday home 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in Lancelin Beach Breaks managing your holiday home (that, or you’re desperate for reading material!). 

So, we’d like to say a massive THANKS for considering us – we are truly delighted. 

But before we lay on the big sell (which we are definitely going to do as we 100% want you on board), we’d like to tell you a bit about ourselves. 

The Lancelin Beach Breaks team consists of Chris (the owner), Gav (our local caretaker allrounder), Benita (our permanent cleaner) and Aimee (our office & marketing manager). Everyone either lives local or has extensive knowledge of Lancelin. So no matter what you or your guests need, we are always just a phone call away. 

By now you have probably gathered we are a little laid back. That’s because our brand ethos is all about being friendly and approachable. Our goal is to build a community of holiday makers who trust us, to stay with you, time and time again. 

Sure, we are professional and ethical in everything we do – we just choose to have fun along the way. 

That’s the experience we want to create, and not just for our guests. We’re here to make your whole experience as easy and stress-free as possible too. After all, that’s why you brought a holiday home, right? A chance to get away and relax when you’re there, and generate a great income when you’re not? 

We can’t wait to show you what life looks like when we manage your holiday home.


With you all the way

Our goal here at Lancelin Beach Breaks is simple – achieve better returns on your short-term holiday rental, while making your life easier. 

In a competitive market, there are any number of factors that can influence your holiday home’s vacancy rate. When you join our family, you’ll benefit from our unique local knowledge as we openly work through any challenges, collectively, to give your property every chance to succeed. 

Here’s why you’ll love working with us: 

We’re relationships driven

Everything we do hinges on the long-term relationships we develop with our holiday home owners. 

We’re open and honest

Our management style is all about transparency and two-way communication. 

We give you peace of mind

We use our reputation and expertise to create a stress-free rental experience for you. 

We deliver the ultimate care

You know your home will be well looked after and maintained thanks to our attention to detail and promise to treat you right. 

We have everything covered

At Lancelin Beach Breaks, we really have thought of everything to make managing your holiday home lucrative and hassle free, from attracting the right guests with marketing and advertising, to handling check in and check out, collecting and processing payments and keeping your property looking great. 

Just handball all the hard work to us and we’ll make your home work easier for you.


Upfront fees

We work on a fixed rate commission – no hidden fees, no additional charges for extra supplies or inspections, no advertising levy, no surprises! And if there’s any maintenance required, you’ll know before we start. 

Full protection

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing we’ve ticked all the right boxes, from insurance policies to safeguard your property, to licenses and accreditations that attract ideal guests and all in-between. 

Advanced booking system

Our brand-new website looks schmick and is super easy to use thanks to a calendar booking system that fully integrates third party platforms (such as Stayz & Airbnb). Guests will always see the most up-to-date availability. And when you want to use your home, just look up some free dates and block them out – easy as! 

Guest screening

We take great pride in ensuring we find guests who respect the properties we manage. By screening each booking, we ensure your guests will adhere to our Ts&Cs prior to approval, which benefits everyone. 

Access to our established guest database

After over 10 years of accommodating people in Lancelin, we’ve built great relationships with a community of guests who book with us time and time again. This database is invaluable for exposure, as well as promoting specials, latest news, offers or last-minute deals (that often get snapped up)! 

In-house and experienced Digital Marketing Manager

Aimee is here to drive our Facebook and Instagram, email-marketing, Google advertising, brand management, ongoing campaigns and initiatives. Her job? Drive more leads and enquiries to maximise rental rates, reduce vacancies and attract ideal guests in order to deliver you optimal return on your investment. 

Hold on, we’re still telling you how great we are! 

We take care of all guest interactions

Positive word of mouth and online reviews make people more likely to book your holiday home (and come back again). We make our guests’ stays effortless and enjoyable from the moment they enquire to negotiation of rates, payments, check-in, check-out, post-stay inspections and return of bonds. 

We present your home to the highest standard

Our permanent cleaner has a wealth of experience in the hotel and tourism industry. We go above and beyond to ensure your holiday home is clean, fully replenished and in perfect working order for the next guests, including replacing remote batteries, light globes and basic supplies. 

We go above and beyond for you

We think of all the little things that show appreciation and create a memorable experience for holiday home owners. Bins need an additional tip run? No worries, we just do it! Lawns need an additional mow in between cycles? No worries, we just do it! Property in need of an additional drive by check after bad weather? No worries we just do it! 

Guests enjoy the extra lovin’ too, from the sweet surprises we leave on the bench over Easter bookings, to the sausage sizzles we fry up for the trip home on a long weekend. 

Still not sold? Then you’re just going to have to meet us! 

In all seriousness, we would love the opportunity to meet you in person to view your home and discuss how we can convince you to join us at Lancelin Beach Breaks. We’re always looking to grow our portfolio and to be able to offer our guests greater diversity in homes. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the management of your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch either on or at info@lancelinbeachbreaks.com.au 

Thank you again for considering LBB. 

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