How a trip to Lancelin can recharge your batteries and fill the motivation tank

We all know too well that come January, everyone loves a fresh start and setting big new goals. Whether it be endeavouring to start new hobbies, deciding to get back into exercise, or applying for that dream job you’ve been wanting… whatever it may be, it’s important to start out on the right foot with a strong mindset. 

Anddd… what better way to recharge the batteries and get motivated than with a lil vacay? After all, a change of scenery always does wonders for the mind. 

Taking time to recharge allows you to replenish and return to the daily grind relaxed and ready to perform your best. Plus, the stronger your mindset, the stronger your ability to cope with the everyday hassles and challenges that life may throw at you! 

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve taken a holiday, there’s no better time than the present to lock one in. Step away from the screen and place your focus on living in the moment.

If you need some inspo for location, we recommend checking out Lancelin 😉 Only 1.5 hours from Perth, it’s perfect for a weekend away or for escaping to the coast for a few days. Our homes immerse you in nature with their idyllic locations, only minutes from the ocean, the iconic sand dunes and WA’s stunning North West. 

Spend your days kicking back on the beach, taking morning strolls along the coast, sipping on coffee, and enjoying a bevy at the pub or just doing absolutely nothing… because how often do you just sit and let your mind wander? No thinking about shopping lists, not scrolling through emails or checking your Facebook, not worrying about things to do, work and relationships. Just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

If you feel like treating yourself to something extra special, choose one of our homes that feature some pretty epic views. Read your new book on the balcony while looking out to Lancelin Island, or perhaps you’d like to head to the alfresco and enjoy the serenity out back? There’s plenty of downtime for those things you never manage to find hours for at home. 

Starting a new podcast? Lano could just be the perfect spot for that too. A quiet coastal town, with nothing but the ocean and the sound of waves crashing to inspire you and get the ideas rolling. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sneak away and book in that time for your new passions and goals. 

Just send us an email to info@lancelinbeachbreaks.com.au and we can find you the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. 

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