Top Dog Activities & Pet Friendly Accommodation in Lancelin

Holidays are made for relaxing, chilling and spending time with loved ones, including those with four paws. So, you’re looking for a holiday destination that you and your fur-baby will enjoy? And you’ve landed here, discover why Lancelin is the ideal family getaway?

Bark all about it – Dog friendly accommodation in Lancelin

Only 1.5 hours north of Perth, it is the pawwwfect destination to bring your pooch along for the journey. Lancelin avoids long car rides and toilet stops, making it easy and enjoyable for the whole family.

We’ve dug-up all the activities, venues and pet friendly accommodation available to do in Lancelin.

Starting with getting back to nature, which Lancelin is renowned for, striking beaches, magnificent sand dunes and plenty of bush walks. Understanding where you can and cannot go with your dog will make it a much more enjoyable experience for all (nobody wants a visit from the Ranger whilst on holidays!).

Swim, Dig, Roll & Zoomies – then snooze at pet friendly accommodation.

If your dog loves the surf, digging in the sand and has a lot of built-up energy to release then the off-lead beaches are ideal for you. Dogs are allowed to walk with their owners off their leads anywhere north of Shell and Gingin Street intersection. If you’re staying south-end of town then anything south of Carl Street beach track is also an off-led area – this includes our famous back beach. To ensure it is a pleasant experience for all when allowing your dog off lead you still need to be able to recall and control your dog.

If you like to stroll along at a more scenic pace and maybe a little less chaotic then the stretch of coastline between Shell and Carl Street beach track, dogs are allowed but they must be on their lead.

A little, confused? Find out more here.

All this walking is going to build up your appetite!

Lancelin does have some great cafes and restaurants that allow pets to also visit…

Endeavour Tavern

Known for their picturesque views of the bay and iconic sunsets, Endeavour Tavern serves a full bar along with live entertainment and food. Dogs are allowed in this venue on lead, to enjoy by your side.

Off Shore Cafe

Just around the corner from Wangaree Park, Off Shore Cafe’s exceptional choice for a lunchtime snack and pit stop. A short walk up from the beach, allow dogs as long as they’re on their lead.

Are you a venue in town who welcomes dogs? Let us know we’ll gladly add you to the list.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Lancelin

At Lancelin Beach Breaks we have a large selection of homes that span across town, so no matter your preferred location, we are bound to have a pet-friendly home that has space, is secure and safe for the whole family, including the following properties…

To discover more about our pet-friendly accommodation, browse here or if you have a question please contact us – we are more than happy to assist.

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