A helpful guide on choosing the perfect beachfront holiday home!

We understand all too well that selecting the right holiday home for you or your group is often a daunting decision. Constantly hunting for the perfect balance between entertainment and tranquillity, not to mention making sure that you’ve satisfied everyone’s needs!

*Deep Breaths* We’re here to hopefully make things a whole lot easier, starting by breaking things down. 

Looking for large group accommodation in Lancelin?

Let’s start with the size of your party, working on the necessities.

Our range of properties includes both smaller two-bed properties, ideal for small families or couples. We also have a range of larger beachfront properties, offering multiple sleeping areas as well as living spaces designed to provide large group accommodation. If you’re working with a group over 10 we’d recommend the following homes…

Beachfront? Sand Dunes? – Location, location, location.

Now you’ve narrowed down the properties based on size, next move along to location. Choosing somewhere that your whole group will benefit from. Getting a map up in front of you, pinpoint all the locations of the homes as well as the activities you’ve got planned. Talk to your group and find a middle ground! Would they mind walking for their morning coffee? Do they want beachfront accommodation? or simply just a beach house. We promise this will streamline the process and cause a lot fewer arguments.

Browse our homes that are beachfront with ocean views:

Amenities, and other fun stuff!

Here’s our favourite part, the included extras! We’ve now worked out all the important parts – let’s see what these remaining properties have to offer. Remember, after all this is your holiday too, what would take your holiday from a 9 to a 10? Perhaps you want Ocean views? Well Family Tides, Endless Summer, Mi Casa, Brockey’s Place, Island View & Final Wave have exactly that. You may even want to have a larger garden area, as well as a spa bath? Salt and Sand Escape and would be right up your street. Or somewhere to fillet your catch of the day? Island View or Sea Scapes have a filleting station!

We made it, hopefully, now you have your coastal holiday home selected?

All you have left to do now would be to enquire regarding availability!

If you’re ready, you can go ahead and press the ‘Book Now’ button, alternatively, you can reach out to our team who would be more than happy to assist.

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